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The most prominent character, Abigail, portrayed as a promiscuous young woman, represents a few women during that period.She is selfish and becomes extremely revengeful when John leaves her.

Hale also becomes the victim of his guilt, as he once believed people engaged in witchcraft are sinners.

However, as the play progresses, he considers them innocent and tries to save them.

Themes in The Crucible Theme #1Reputation Reputation is one of the major themes in the play, The Crucible.

Most of the characters of the story strive hard to maintain their reputations.

Act 1 of the play starts giving clues of hysteria when Abigail tries to escape from the harsh judgment blaming Tituba of witchcraft.

The existence of evil plot creates tension in the town, as the people do not find any fault in punishing the accusers.Themes of this play not only shows the problem of witchcraft during the late 19th and early 20th centuries but also exposes the dark sides of human nature.Some of the major themes have been discussed below.Theme #6Deception Deception and lies present another important theme that runs throughout the play.It does not include myths related to black magic or witchcraft.Thus, the theme of guilt plays an important role in shaping and reshaping the characters in the play.Theme #5Portrayal of Women The women’s portrayal in the play is not of a typical Victorian era.From a helpless girl, she becomes crafty and capable of destroying innocent lives through such accusations.Theme #4Guilt The theme of guilt is related to the progress in John Proctor’s character in the play.Theme #2Hysteria Hysteria also upholds thematic significance in the play because the society in Salem is engulfed in the accusations of witchcraft.The rapid growth of hysteria in Salem destroys the impact of rational thinking.


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