Political Science Undergraduate Thesis

Political Science Undergraduate Thesis-73
It is not possible for students to start, finish, and defend their thesis in one semester.Students must choose and work closely with a political science professor whom they have chosen as their thesis advisor.

The Honors Program application must be completed and a short letter of recommendation must be submitted prior to enrollment in the program.

(Students who are considering departmental honors are strongly encouraged, but not required, to take “PSCI 3105: Designing Social Inquiry” in their sophomore or junior years.

A firm guideline of what is expected of the students should be established indicating the objectives and the timetable for submission of work.

This guideline will be agreed upon within the first month of the fall term by both the faculty member and student, and a copy will be placed on file with the Undergraduate Advisor.

The class is highly collaborative (mutually supportive) and demands active participation.

Students then take PSCI 4725 (formerly PSCI 4008) in the spring semester.

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Political Science majors who have demonstrated superior competence in the field have the opportunity to graduate with departmental honors.

Students also must pass an oral defense of their thesis before a three-member faculty committee consisting of their thesis advisor, a member of the Political Science committee on honors, and at least one other professor. The CU Honors Program office is located in Norlin Library. This office will provide information about the application form and schedule of activities for the semester in which you plan to apply for honors.

Check the Honors Program website for a list of deadlines for graduate with honors.


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