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"Most studies support the view that corruption is endemic, if not universal, in police departments.The danger of corruption for police, and this is that it may invert the formal goals of the organization and may lead to "the use of organizational power to encourage and create crime rather than to deter it" (Sherman 1978: p 31) General police deviance can include brutality, discrimination, sexual harassment, intimidation, and illicit use of weapons.I have decided to include the fairly recent accounts of corruption from a few major cities, mainly New York, because that is where I have lived for the past 22 years.

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However it is not particularly obvious where brutality, discrimination, and misconduct end and corruption begin.

Essentially, police corruption falls into two major categories-- external corruption which concerns police contacts with the public, and internal corruption, which involves the relationships among policemen within the works of the police department.

Police corruption is unfortunately much spread and very complex, so there is no single way of dealing with it.

It is like a plague because it is very easily spread when police officers do not get revealed or get punished for it.

Police Corruption What are the first words that come to your mind when you say police?

Thanks to all those police/action/drama TV series like CSI and Law & Order for example, we gained a certain amount of awe towards them from our early age already.The books were filled with useful insite but were not update enough, so I relied on the newspaper articles to provide me with the current, and regional information that was needed tp complete this report.****** THESIS STATEMENT ****** In simple terms, corruption in policing is usually viewed as the misuse of authority by a police officer acting offically to fulfill personal needs or wants.However, we can not just hope for it to get better by itself, we can not just hope somebody else will act upon it, and we certainly can not just hope it will disappear one day.We are playing a big part in it and it is a crucial first…My friend would be pulled over and without much a due, a police officer would just take the money and let him go.It is true that both of them gained personal benefit at the moment but this, however, presents a snowball effect that will bring to light much more serious issues in a bigger perspective.Just one simple example could ruin our perfect perception of a system that should be working flawlessly.My friend was sixteen when he was driving, which made him an illegal driver since the legal driving age is 18.Since its beginnings, may aspects of policing have changed; however, one aspect that has remained relatively unchanged is the existence of corruption.An examination of a local newspaper or any police-related publication on any given day will have an article about a police officer that got busted committing some kind of corrupt act.


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