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(I would hope that this isn’t universally true, but like I say, I have heard it a few times now.)Reputation and renown are also important factors.

Your examiners, particularly your external, will become key contacts for you as you enter the job market and seek publishing opportunities.

The Ph D examination comprises independent evaluation of the submitted thesis by two expert examiners, followed by an oral examination.

The oral examination is usually conducted by vdieo-link, although a face-to-face examination can be arranged if approved by the Dean.

So it’s important that they know lots of people – and that lots of people know them.

Finally, you can often get a feel for someone’s personality, even if you haven’t met them, by asking around a little.

You might ask why it is to your advantage to have relatively broad coverage, rather than just choosing any two people who will likely pass you without too much hassle.

The reason is because the viva is actually intended to improve your work! if one of your examiners has an issue with something you wrote, then other readers likely will too so it’s useful to have it read and criticised from as many angles as possible.

The Ph D is the highest studied-for degree awarded by the University of Canterbury (UC).

The UC Ph D is completed by thesis only, and the normal time-frame for the Ph D degree is three years full-time study (four-five years part-time).


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