Phd Thesis Evolutionary Algorithm

An improved particle swarm algorithm (HPSOGA) is used to solve complex problems of water resources optimization.

One of the main problems of this method is premature convergence and to improve this problem, the compound of the particle swarm algorithm and genetic algorithm were evaluated.

By using the Weibull distribution, the base year which is consistent with the percent probability of agricultural needs was determined for downstream of the Karun III dam.

To achieve the best cultivation pattern, initially the arable land was categorized into 6 classes and only 2100 hectares of agricultural irrigable land that had the best agricultural conditions were studied.

The three dams are located in a consecutive series of Karun River in Iran.

In order to optimize, 41 years of the common statistical period were used.

The amount of water allocated to the mentioned land was about 6.240 MCM.

Seventeen important agricultural products of the region were used for the modelling.

The Genetic Algorithm is an Adaptive Strategy and a Global Optimization technique.

It is an Evolutionary Algorithm and belongs to the broader study of Evolutionary Computation.


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