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With the rising cost of healthcare, increasing premium insurances and increasing co-pay, certainly changes needs to occur in the pharmaceutical industry. com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/2012/industries/21/ Gil y. increase from 2000-01 and reached its peak in 2005-06 (Figure 1).

Reference Fortune 500 (2013) Top Pharmaceutical Industries. Figure 1: R&D-Sales Ratio in Pharmaceutical Industry ... pharmaceutical companies, or "Drug reps" as they have become known in the industry ... As these companies move ahead, the industry continues to grow.

Phase 4 is post marketing studies, it determines the incidence of adverse reactions and serious effects that were not identified in prior phases.

After a drug passes all of these stages, it is patented for 20 years from the date of its application.

With stabilization in the amount of drugs released yearly and the amount of increase in revenues per drug, and per pharmaceutical companies, critics question the increase in prescription pills. In addition to using illegal marketing tactics, they ... (Johar, 2012) These companies fail to mention that within the same period they have been an even faster rise in revenues by $200. (Susan, 2012) In actual fact, the net profit made by pharmaceutical company is higher than profits for all of the fortune 500 companies, it was ranked first for return in revenues in 2005 (Johar, 2012). STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF INDIAN PHARMA COMPANIES Strengths: * Mature Industry ... This is the largest settlement involving a pharmaceutical company in recorded history. marketing tactics to get the doctors to prescribe their drugs. Drug prices are set by pharmaceutical companies to cover research and development costs.

Between 20, the average cost of brand name drugs protected under the patent rose from . downplaying the risks apparent from its own clinical studies. In other reviews, 9 out of 10 newly approved medications offer only minor variations from older drugs and these drugs have been shown to be very profitable to these industries. potential for networking) * Low cost of Manpower * Cost effective Manufacturing Facilities * Rich Biodiversity ... In addition to using illegal marketing tactics, they ...

It is used to determine the efficacy, safety, and dosage regimens.

Phase 3 is an expanded clinical trial which gets additional evidence for determining the evidence and specific indications as well as adverse effects.

Pharmaceutical Industry Introduction 1 The pharmaceutical industry entails a team involved in the invention of a drug.

The team consists of the drug producers, formulators, promoters and prescribers.


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