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I'll teach in a well-structured way so that my students flow along and create meaning of their own from the knowledge I'm imparting.

In order to help them meditate better, I will assume a role I have called "facilitator of meaning making." Here, I will serve as the conduit between the student and knowledge and help the student… case, indigenous women were anxious to sustain constant flow of European goods like knives, axes, cloth, and kettle.

With my legs extended and with Jerome’s identity I had become a valid person, although I was forced to maintain this identity by passing all the screen tests with Jerome’s DNA, I had indirectly become Jerome Murrow.

Everyday, I had to scrape away my invalid self to ensure my real identity was not revealed.

Conclusion: personal reflection This assignment has provided significant insights regarding the men and women’s role in indigenous societies in North American from the 1600s to the 1800s.

The argument made in this essay is significant since it provides a historical analysis of how the role of women in the society has changed.As years passed by with my brother Anton, I felt the real competition of natural born against genetically enhanced born as my brother Anton was much stronger than me, he was much faster and smarter then me, he was what society called genetically perfect, whereas I was the complete opposite.Even my parents had acknowledged that I am fated as a low class person in this society.I was born with a heart condition, and was told that my life expectancy was to only 30 years of age.From that moment on, my parents knew that I would not live up to the genetically superior standards in life and soon afterwards, I realized this too. It wasn’t long after my birth that my parents had another baby, my brother Anton, but he was born of enhanced genes, just like the rest of the society.In the end, only few had found my real identity, including Irene.I now sit in the spaceship ready for Titan as I had just reflected . I have been living a valid life in my invalid self, in this genetically cast society, where your DNA maps your entire life.In this society, your are normal if you are genetically modified, and are guaranteed to succeed in life, whereas if your not, you wont be guaranteed to be accepted by society, and restricted to the manual labor jobs. How will this make a difference in your practice of nursing?This is a personal reflection and should have some depth (at least two full paragraphs).


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