Personal Experience Essay Examples

If you don’t know how to use essential components of storytelling to write about momentous life events, feel free to use the following essay on personal experience sample.

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I have vivid memories of my first indoor track event at Boise State University.

I was quite nervous and observed that the stands were full of spectators. I was very determined to win, so I had practiced well.

It is also found that adversities sharpen one’s critical thinking skills.

My experiences of hardships and struggles also have made me strong and confident.

Although I was in a position to win, I had to return home without a medal.

My health failed me, but I was determined to stay calm. As fate would have it, I had to undergo treatment for six months.

Sometimes, we do not know how to deal with hardships and overwhelming situations in our life.

To overcome the obstacles and move toward the set goals, one has to be determined and persistent.


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