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C., agrees and adds, “For those professionals who wish to excel, this field has much opportunity.” And according to Debbie Cutler, a partner with Kramer, Love and Cutler in New York City: “Clearly, the CPA’s role in combating fraud has increased due to recent corporate scandals and media attention.There is growth in this area as companies implement internal control systems and look for ways to reduce fraud.” As the career paths of these CPAs affirm, becoming an antifraud expert doesn’t take months—it takes years.

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“It is important to understand exactly what constitutes fraud,” he says, “which includes practical knowledge of the legal system and concepts such as the elements of the offense, what constitutes proof, (intent) and completeness of evidence.” Both Lindquist and Cutler say antifraud education and training will include interviewing skills.

According to Cutler: “Conducting proper interviews is a large part of being an effective fraud examiner.

This helps them achieve success in adversarial situations where confrontation is endemic to their work.

Detectives—either in law enforcement or in the private sector—typically have distinct personality traits (see “ America’s Original Private Eye ”): They’re as good with people as they are with numbers and they are inclined to be aggressive rather than shy and retiring.

Indebted to Pinkerton, the president enlisted the detective’s company shortly before the Civil War to form a “secret service” to obtain military intelligence on the Southern states. “There was letter after letter from customers proclaiming the company’s product was inferior and demanding their contracts be terminated,” Golden said. After comparing the complaint letters to the confirmation list, he discovered that the client’s personnel had surreptitiously gained access to the auditors’ computerized confirmation list and altered it, making sure that none of the complaining customers were selected for confirmation.

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The organization he set up is considered the precursor of both the U. Secret Service and the Central Intelligence Agency. The problem was that none of the contracts had been canceled or removed from the LCRs, and none of the same complaints had shown up in the hundreds of positive confirmations that had been sent out earlier. As a result of Golden’s initial discovery, the auditors were able to determine that million in leases probably were not collectable.Forensic accounting and fraud examination are different but related.Forensic accounting work is done by accountants in anticipation of litigation and can include fraud, valuation, bankruptcy and a host of other professional services.Working on complex fraud cases in law enforcement for several years offers an invaluable learning experience that could place someone ahead of other applicants when he or she returns to the private sector in this increasingly competitive field.Here are the personal and private- and public-sector experiences that led these three CPAs to professional fulfillment.In 1861, while investigating a case of railway theft, Pinkerton was told of a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln during the president’s forthcoming trip to Baltimore.The plot was foiled when Lincoln’s train was rerouted. Source: Golden had discovered the file when he examined the company’s lease contracts receivable (LCRs).Tom Golden, who heads Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s Midwest investigations practice in Chicago, assesses the field: “Companies know fraud is epidemic—the phone is ringing off the hook.We have doubled the number of examiners in the past year, and we’re still growing. Lindquist, senior managing director for Citigate Global Intelligence & Security in Washington, D.Formal education in the fraud examination field is new and limited—but growing (see “ Antifraud Education and Training ”).Until four years ago, only 19 colleges out of 900 offered a class in fraud examination.


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