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Display this functional and colorful mini bulletin board set in the classroom as a way to build and reinforce a positive work ethic in the classroom.Learning objectives: I also want you to work & learn in a small peer group.Thus, as described in deliverables, I want you to hand in an individually-created ontology, and then meet in groups of three students to build a "best" consensus solution ontology.I have built a small OWL ontology that capture the set of real rules defined by American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC).Specifically, look at the AJCC Stage and TNM Definitions on the NCI page for non-small cell lung cancer (note that we are using the 7th edition of these).It's not that hard a task, and there aren't that many stages.However, the assignment demonstrates the ability of OWL and DLs to capture a set of rules and apply them to data.Also, the AJCC wording for N1 is atrocious, from a logical point of view: " Metastasis to ipsilateral peribronchial and/or ipsilateral hilar lymph nodes, and intrapulmonary nodes . Individual deliverable (due 5pm, Fri, Feb 20th): 1. Obviously, your version of the ontology should be able to classify all of the subclasses of "Specific Tumor Examps". You should comment on what you learned from your classmates, and how the group built this "consensus" answer.Please hand in using turtle syntax, and give me a version with the Reasoner set to "none", so that I can turn it on and verify that the inference happens. Finally, I'd like you to evaluate how "far off" your individual ontology is compared to the group ontology.In detail, here's what I'd like you to try: Finally, a few words about oncology: The primary difference between N2 and N3 is contralateral versus ipsalateral nodal metastases -- i.e. Please interprete the above to mean: Metastases to ipsalateral nodes. Although he's obviously French, I assume that's where the British spelling of "tumour" came from...whether the involved node is in the same lung (ipsalateral) or in the opposite lung (contralateral) from the primary tumor. (Basically, I think that all uses of the word "and" in this AJCC sentence are misleading.) Credit goes to Olivier Dameron, now a professor in medical informatics at Renne University in France, and OWL guru, for creating the original TNM ontology. As noted on the Module 3 page, a good reference material for OWL is Matt Horridge's OWL tutorial for Protege4. An individual essay that describes the differences between the team-based ontology and your individual version (deliverable #1).


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