Othello Essays On Othello'S Character

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Throughout the play, Othello’s actions cause him to fall and his reputation to turn to filth.The biggest mistake Othello makes is being too trusting of the wrong person.

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Othello is the tragic hero of the play, whose tragic flaw is jealousy.

In the beginning, Othello seems to display only When Othello calls Desdemona an “excellent wretch,” he realizes for the first time that nothing is as important to him as Desdemona and this confuses him.

He has his priorities straight and does not let anything upset him.

Although Othello’s character seems to be indestructible, he experiences a major downfall.

Othello thinks that Iago is honest; ironically, he is the most dishonest of all the characters.

Othello Essays On Othello'S Character

When Iago tells Othello that Desdemona is unfaithful, Othello believes Iago without any physical proof.In conclusion Shakespeare uses a variety of techniques to present the development of Othello's character in the play Othello.In particular the dramatic devices those that are visual and the use of language that chart the downfall of Othello's character from a respected general to a rambling jealous murderer who commits suicide are most effective.To carry this task out I will initially give a brief summary of the plot of the tragedy Othello.The general marries Desdemona in secret, Iago learns of this and reports this news to Brabantio who uncomforted by the news.Othello's short sharp questions convey his increasing doubt and confusion regarding Desdemona. By act 4 scene 1, Othello's character has undergone a complete transformation. Shakespeare shows this to his audience in his language.He is rambling and anxious and looses his dignity as he falls into a trance. He repeats himself "Lie on her, lie on her and lie on her" "Confess, confess, and confess" "Handkerchief, handkerchief and handkerchief" Overall in this scene the language used by Othello gives the effect of escalating violence, increasingly aggressive and jealous thoughts conveyed through images of poison, decay, and jealousy.To a Jacobean audience an affair was a dreadful crime and was by no way accepted in people's opinions as it to day.Iago to further tamper with Othello's thoughts gains possession of a present, which the moor had gifted to Desdemona which was a handkerchief. Middle How he reacts to Iago shows a change in his personality.The handkerchief is the dramatic device that causes Desdemona to be seen as guilty and untruthful in Othello's mind.The moor's reaction to the handkerchief falling into a trance is a good dramatic device both visually on stage and in displaying the contrast between Othello at the start of the play and Othello now.


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