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Faculty: Lina Ferreira, Kathy Fagan Grandinetti, Michelle Herman, Marcus Jackson, Lee Martin, Nick White Application (Deadline Dec.9): Admission rate: “In our 2015 admissions season (starting fall 2015), we had 262 applications; 149 in fiction, 42 in nonfiction; and 71 in poetry.I’m lucky in that I squirreled money away from my job and I’ve been eating through that savings so I can be a happy human and do things like go out to dinner and see concerts in Portland and buy stupid expensive out of print books.

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I will wander the halls until I find someone who can give me a hug or a pep talk or tell me whether I can actually pull off the dress I borrowed from a friend. My OSU wouldn’t be the same without the Moreland Basement.

========= Alana Folsom is pursuing an MFA in poetry at Oregon State University and is the Editor-in-Chief of 45th Parallel.

I know, though, that even among my cohort, this statement will be disagreed with and challenged. I think it cannot go without saying, too, that I (again, this is only me speaking for only me) was upset that we had a female-only cohort last year; that’s changing this year, so I’m hopeful for some fresh perspectives on that end.

What is your MFA experience like outside of the classroom? But here’s where my shameless plug comes in: in the winter quarter of last year, an absolutely amazing group of people and I got together and founded a lit mag because OSU didn’t have one and we wanted one.

BA, MA, MFA and Ph D degrees are awarded through the department, and a full range of courses is offered in six areas: Creative Writing Literature Rhetoric and Writing Studies Screen Studies Teaching English as a Second Language Linguistics The English Department also works with OSU to provide additional services: the OSU Writing Center, the International Teaching Assistant Program, and exciterbulb.

Ohio State University Columbus, OH Three-year program (39 credits) Funding: The current stipend for MFAs with teaching appointments (one course each semester) is roughly ,000 for the nine-month academic year (along with the stipend comes a fee authorization, which means you do not have to pay tuition).

The faculty has been uber supportive and I’m going to go ahead and speak for all of us when I say we’re all in a tizzy about the mag. We also have a great reading series and have had the chance to see read and speak with (as a program, so, imagine us in a room with about 15 people usually) writers ranging from Cheryl Strayed to Claire Vaye Watkins to Jenny Bouley to Kazim Ali.

And, this year, Rita Dove is coming as part of some fancy OSU award, so that’ll be great, too.

We’re called and I’m the Editor-in-Chief and working to build this lit mag with my compatriots as well as with the administration and faculty has been by far the most rewarding part of my MFA experience. We came up with the idea in a bar around March and now it’s August and our website will be up by the end of the month, we’ve secured funding though the Library (hayyyy Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services!

) and our department has even given us our very own office space.


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