Organizational Behavior Essay

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Control refers to the management's subjective and objective assessment of the success of goals.The organization will need to analyze planning, organizing, leading and controlling.Analyze job functions, allocation of resources, and work flow procedures.The need for smooth integration of the merger between the two companies was communicated through various reports in the Merck's website.These reports include the Code of Conduct and the 2009-2010 corporate governance reports.According to Appelbaum managers should take into consideration organization's behavior during and after a merger.Many merger and acquisition failures can be attributed to lack of proper organizational behavior analysis.Merck's management achieved this through publicizing the company's business strategy in the 2009-2010 Corporate Responsibility Review report (Merck, 2010).The plan included unifying, integrating and fostering culture.The management should realize that there is a need to address fear for change. (2000) recommends three approaches in addressing organization behavior during a merger, communication, corporate culture and change.During the change process, it is very important for the management to retain open communication with the employees.


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