Opinion Essay About Fast Food

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Lacalamita&Vance (2011) argue that fast food is consistently prepared and provides good value for the dollar when all other issues are cast aside.

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Eating out would not be such a problem if portion sizes were reasonable or if the restaurant food were similar to the food prepared at home.

In comparison with home-cooked meals, the restaurant and fast food meals are higher in fat and calories and lower in essential nutrients and fiber.

Many people believe that eating well begins in the home kitchen.

Too often people eat in a rush away from home (Golson, 1998).

This is because diets never work and the results do not last for a long time.

People should eat in a healthy way because good food is enjoyable and integral part of the daily life.

Julia Kim 1st period Should Schools serve fast food like Ms Donalds?

Fast foods are one of the main reasons of obesity in America.

Fast food is a well known food of the American culture, so citizens eat more fast foods than any other country.

More and more children are becoming obese from their exposure to fast food at an early age.


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