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In this paper we present the ontology matching system Log Map 2, a much improved version of its predecessor Log Map.Log Map 2 supports user interaction during the matching process, which is essential for use cases requiring very accurate mappings.Texts written in natural language show a statistical On the feasibility of using OWL 2 DL reasoners for ontology matching problemsfree download Abstract.

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On the interaction of existential rules and equality constraints in ontology queryingfree download Ontological query processing is an exciting research topic in database theory, knowledge representation, and logic programming.

In many cases, ontological constraints are expressed over an extensional database by extending traditional Datalog rules to allow Automated System for Software Project Cost Estimation Based on Ontology Engineeringfree download ABSTRACT in this paper, ontology based software automated system for project cost estimation is proposed. The system is implemented using Microsoft visual studio ASP. It is cost effective and can run The mouse pathology ontology, MPATH; structure and applica-tionsfree download ABSTRACT The advent of large scale pathology-based phenotyping of mice requires a relatively simple nomenclature and coding system that can be integrated into data collection platforms (computerized medical record keeping systems) to enable the pathologist to Modular combination of reasoners for ontology classificationfree download Abstract.

The Distributed Ontology Language DOL, which is currently being standardised as ISO WD 17347 within the Onto IOp (Ontology Integration and Interoperability) activity of ISO/TC 37/SC 3, aims at providing a unified framework for (1) ontologies formalised in An Approach to Developing an Ontology that Represents Knowledge Embedded in Filmed download ABSTRACT This paper introduces the reader to the approach we are taking to develop an ontology that could be used to represent the knowledge inherent in filmed materials.

Such an ontology could be used as the semantic basis for multimedia retrieval systems.

In this paper we are interested in what happens if we enrich these matching tools with knowledge of the Summarize gene annotations based on collective ontology annotationsfree download As computational and high throughput analyses have been widely used in interpreting gene functions, the number of gene annotations and resultant metadata describing the conditions for each annotation has increased dramatically.

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To standardize these annotations, genes Improving Access to Software Architecture Knowledge An Ontology-based Search Approachfree download ABSTRACT Every software has an architecture, but in most cases it is poorly documented.

Classification is a fundamental reasoning task in ontology design, and there is currently a wide range of reasoners highly optimised for classification of SROIQ ontologies.

Existing reasoners, however, do not exploit the fact that most of the axioms in many Neuro Names: an ontology for the Brain Info portal to neuroscience on the webfree download is a growing portal to neuroscientific information on the Web.

Uberon, an integrative multi-species anatomy ontologyfree download Abstract We present Uberon, an integrated cross-species ontology consisting of over 6,500 classes representing a variety of anatomical entities, organized according to traditional anatomical classification criteria.

The ontology represents structures in a species-neutral goseq: Gene Ontology testing for RNA-seq datasetsfree download This document gives an introduction to the use of the goseq R Bioconductor package Computational Neuroscience Ontology: a new tool to provide semantic meaning to your modelsfree download The diversity of modeling approaches in computational neuroscience makes model sharing, retrieval, reuse and reproducibility difficult and even sometimes impossible.


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