Online Marketing Campaign Case Study

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Digital marketing is an extraordinarily cost-effective way to boost ROI.

Many types of digital marketing build momentum with time, growing more effective as they continue.

These campaigns are only designed to target the sentiments of the Indian market.

The brand asked the audience to share the selfless moment of their mothers by sharing this video over the social media platforms.

The team at Mint hosted promotions, gave away free items and discounts, and engaged with the audience that they expected to be most interested in its service.

By establishing relationships with known brands through social media — such as credit card companies — Mint was also able to easily build its perceived authority with its potential audience.Their marketing strategy also had a beautiful objective to gain viewership.The brand made a promise that by sharing this video on social media the donation from the brand was done for the girls.What kind of strategy do they follow for their business marketing campaigns? Any company whether it’s a small or large scale based would crave for online followers for the business.Its an ideal job of marketers to create such kind of innovative campaigns that not only draw people’s attention but make them talk about the brands to peers as well.Content Marketing, and Social Media marketing are the most common form of inbound marketing tactics.This chapter has a collection of case studies centered on Inbound Marketing, articles that do not have a particular focus but instead are a combination of sub marketing types under inbound.KKR team has the most engagement with their fans and followers due to its digital marketing strategies.During the initial days, KKR showed keen interest to gain followers over the internet and worked on various objective like how to increase brand awareness of KKR irrespective of Shahrukh Khan, how to stay tuned and connected with the fans and how to keep them updated with latest news & updates. These case studies have been hand selected for their uniqueness and quality.I encourage you to start with a section and read the case studies one by one to get a full understanding of the possibilities that each marketing channel possesses.


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