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When a student has not completed their Maths homework to the required standard – We would expect to see that the video has been watched and that notes have been taken as a minimum.They must attend a catch up session in R08 on Tuesday from 3- 4pm. ’ is a sentence most parents dread – but supporting your child’s mathematical development at home doesn’t have to be terrifying. You'll also find guides to what maths is taught in EYFS, KS1 and KS2, plus easy ways to make maths part of everyday life, and games to make maths fun.

The progress of our students is central to our work and we know that Hegarty Maths is helping them to secure a deeper understanding of the topics they see in class.

Please do contact us on [email protected] should you have any further questions regarding homework and Hegarty Maths.

It is important that students seek help from their Maths teacher early in the week. We can reset passwords immediately, directly from the website. A password reset can also be requested via the website.

Why has a student been asked to stay after school to complete their Hegarty homework?

Students who finish early can leave; they can stay in the library should they need to wait for transport.

You can contact their class teacher with any questions about the session so we can better support the students in their studies. The results for schools that use Hegarty Maths in this way have been startling and we are excited to have access to such an excellent resource.

From research we learn that: • Homework should be part of an effective partnership between the school and parents in pursuing the aims of the school • Homework should consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, especially in literacy and numeracy • Homework should exploit resources for learning, of all kinds, at home • Homework should extend school learning, for example through additional reading • Homework should encourage pupils as they get older to develop the confidence and self discipline needed to study on their own, and preparing them for the requirements of secondary school We recognise the need for children to have the time to follow out of school interests and family activities and time allocations allow for these important things to take place.

For students who need additional support to help them build their numeracy skills more quickly, we use a number of intervention strategies including Numeracy after school clubs where a range of workbooks , small group work , games and interactive activities are used to build Numeracy skills.

Try a Short Division homework Individual pupils can see the homework tasks they have been set and when they are due, rate their understanding of homework resources and see feedback from their teacher in the Pupil Portal.

Parents can also follow their child’s progress, check their homework requirements, and try the lesson content if they want to refresh their own maths skills.


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