Nuclear Power Research Essay

The use of nuclear energy is becoming more wide spread.Currently, fission is used by many countries as a source of energy. You can use this password for unlimited period and you can share it with your friends!

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Nuclear energy is used for things such as atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs and other nuclear weapons.

Nuclear energy can also be used for powering electricity-generating plants all over the world.

Others feel that because of the hazardous radiation emitted during the producing of the power and the radioactivity of the material used that nuclear power is not as good as the alternatives which are fossil fuels and solar power.(Hansen, 1993) If matter changes state or composition, it is accompanied by the production of energy.

Processes such as combustion produce energy by rearranging the atoms or molecules of that substance.(Brain, 1998) An example of this is the combustion of methane (natural gas) CH(4) 2O(2) = CO(2) 2H(2)O energy In this example the amount of energy released is eight electron volts or 8 e V.

The use of nuclear power helps to conserve the world's supply of these fuels.

The world's known reserves of uranium contain as much energy as the world's known deposits of oil.As well, the uranium that has been used could be recycled in the future to make more energy.Benefits of nuclear reactors are that they do not give off smoke or gases that pollute the air.Therefore, power can be generated without causing negative effects to the environment.In fact, nuclear energy produces small amounts of waste when compared with traditional energy sources.Fusion, if properly developed, will provide a clean and almost unlimited source of energy.Fusion would be a preferable alternative to fission because of the following: An important advantage of using nuclear energy is that nuclear reactors produce electric power without burning fossil fuels such as coal or oil.Nuclear fission is the process in which a heavy nucleus combines with a neutron and separates the heavy nucleus into two lighter nuclei.(Roy, 1993) The most typical fission reaction is that of uranium-235 it is as follows: 92 U235 1 neutron = 38 Sr96 54 XE138 2 neutrons energy Another type of nuclear reaction is nuclear fusion.Nuclear fusion occurs when two light elements combine to form a heavier atom.(Grisham, 1993) An example of this is: 1 H(2) 1 H(3) = 2 He(4) 1 neutron energy Nuclear Fission Nuclear fission is a complex process, but many products are formed during this process.There is a dangerous outcome of the negligent use of fission, as demonstrated by the problems with Chernobyl plant.As a result, many countries have slowed down their production of new nuclear power plants while looking for a safer way to create energy.


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