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From her tone I know the subject of the conversation. I often travel through a land of backpacks, ironed silk suits, Hawaiian slippers, colorful shirts, low-waist jeans and outfits that do not even have a name. Rising from my seat, I step towards the front of the room. From The Shirt to the senior section marshmallow toss to much much more, traditions make Notre Dame unique.

This is a land where shoes are worn and pants are stained with adhesive, where tie knots... The other competitors clap, as is customary for speech events, breaking the sacred silence that previously occupied the... I felt my heartbeat racing, my hands shaking while holding the marker. But more than that, these traditions give Notre Dame a community feel, both large and small. I know for a fact that my grandfather picked up every single piece of trash he saw.

In my hometown, Nanchang, China, the Gan River divides the city into two worlds.

One side of the river has enjoyed much government investment: skyscrapers are adorned with beaming neon lights, and beacons are announcing the economic prosperity of...

I know there are additional prompts that change from year to year.

Home to a fine athletic tradition, Notre Dame knows the importance of a good warm-up.

It’s now time to apply to Notre Dame, and drat, you realize their application requires written responses above and beyond a simple personal statement.

But before you dramatically resign yourself to a hospital bed and plead with others to “win just one for the Gipper,” let’s try unpacking those supplemental essay prompts—a little clarity might just be the impetus you need to wrap up these little gems: The Insider: College Admissions Advice from the Experts is where College Coach experts weigh in on the latest college admissions topics.

In front of the board stood two kindergarteners, a classmate and I, ready to engage in fierce competition. It didn’t matter where he was (in town, at church, on the beach), or what it was (a receipt, a broken beer bottle, a plastic fork); he was going to pick it up. He never rang the doorbell, never knocked, just walked right in.

Jackson never needed to knock; he was just “family.” He eats his meals with us, watches sports with us, and if it weren’t for the human eye, you’d think he was one of my siblings....


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