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In this way, they would eventually arrive at the end of the road, communism.The future will show that the various phases in this process of “convergence” are nothing but stages in the march toward the most extreme and radical type of communism.This scene, situated in the nation which is the very seat of the Church, brings the Church and communism into a tragic proximity.

In this way, they would eventually arrive at the end of the road, communism.

They would spread an atmosphere of sentimental and pacifistic optimism that surreptitiously led Americans to forget past experience and hope for a definitive reconciliation with the smiling Soviet leaders of the post-Stalinist era.

This same optimistic ambience was spread inside the Church, at first by groups of theologians and activists, some naïve while others avowedly leftist.

Yet there is only one solution to the central question we have raised, and it is argued convincingly by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira in his essay, “The Church and the Communist State, the Impossible Coexistence.”Author’s Preface When this study was first published in August 1963, Communist propaganda and diplomacy increasingly strove to foster a regime of peaceful coexistence between the capitalist and communist worlds.

At that time, relations between East and West were just beginning to emerge from the Cold War.

Now then, since the loss of Faith is a greater evil than nuclear destruction, the lesser evil would be to struggle against Marxism. Consider the photograph on the front cover of this magazine.

It shows a Communist demonstration in front of the Cathedral in Milan which occurred during the recent Italian elections.That regime would be an accommodation between the system of private property and that of collective property.If such a tendency prevails, the non-communist world will have taken an immense step toward the left.And while the anti-religious campaign continued full blast throughout the Communist world, the illusion that a truly peaceful coexistence was possible between the Church and Communist regimes continued to gain ground.This study is intended to create in Catholic circles as many obstacles as possible to Moscow’s deceitful “pacifist” maneuver.The Vatican is also carrying out an impressive “relaxation of tensions” in its relations with Moscow and its various satellites.At the same time, ecumenism has provided an occasion for more and more frequent relations between the Catholic Church and the “Orthodox” schismatic church subordinated to Moscow.The Central Question Posed by This Essay As is well known, it is possible to have a Communist regime in which the Church is allowed to continue functioning, but with only a minimum amount of freedom. This raises a question: Can a Catholic in the West legitimately view the possibility of a Communist regime in his nation as morally acceptable? On the one hand, for political reasons a Communist regime may certainly grant the Church some marginal freedom for a considerable length of time as in Poland.On the other hand, in the not-too-distant future, Western nations may be faced with a choice between two evils: nuclear warfare or Communist domination.It is imperative to mention at least three of them: a) There is a growing malaise between Western Europe and the United States that poses a grave threat to the NATO alliance.b) An economic and financial crisis, confusing in both its causes and manifestations, appears to be eroding the economy of the West.


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