No Child Left Behind Act Essay Paper

No Child Left Behind Act Essay Paper-82
States then give their assessments to all their students in each of the grades.

Essentially, the federal government provides aid to support disadvantaged students by ensuring they receive the proper tools to develop their education (10 States, 2012).This can help ensure that the teachers are kept to the high standards that are set out in the NCLB.Each of the states is responsible for deciding what constitutes a high standard for a teacher (Crawford, 2004).Also, this program succeeds because it sets one standard that should be accomplished by all students, rather than having various standards to be met by different demographics of students.This is necessary because the point of having these standards is to ensure the students are given the best opportunity to be successful in college – and because colleges do not mark at a lower standard for students who are disadvantaged, all students should need to meet the same standard at the elementary and high school levels.The act is supplementary to the standards-based education reform, which sets the academic standard of achievement for students.Those standards are used to guide all of the other components of the corporate system.Our results indicate that NCLB brought about targeted gains in the mathematics achievement of younger students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.However, we find no evidence that NCLB improved student achievement in reading.The movement calls for measurable content that is clearly understood for all of the school’s students (1- States, 2012).The system measures each of the students against a firm standard.


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