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The reason for this according to Carr is that people are spending a lot of time the internet.Carr argued that spending a lot of time on the internet and switching from one website to another has changed the way he reads information (Carr, 2015, p316).The deep dependence on the internet is also impacting negatively on the performance of students in their school work.

The reason for this according to Carr is that people are spending a lot of time the internet.

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These associations are crucial when it comes to mastering complex ideas and critical thinking.

When we are at all times distracted and interrupted, as we tend to be when starring at the screens of the computers and mobile phones, the brains tends to become unable to form the firm & expansive neural links which gives uniqueness and depth to ones thinking.

His concentration usually begins to drift after reading two or three pages.

This sentiments by the author are not unique to him since it is what other people are going through.

Initial experiments showed that as the number of links in an online document increases, one’s reading comprehension tends to decline, and as more forms of information are put on a screen, one tend to less of what we see.

The above cases are a clear indication that though the internet is good, it has a dark side to it.He identifies with the computer within the scene instead of the robotic human and appears to imply that the web will cause us to become more machine like instead of machines.I agree with the authors remarks that the internet is deeply impacting ones capacity to read and stimulate ones thinking capacity and such a scenario would greatly impact everyone.Carr described how the web is structured to make money for certain people how critical thinking skills and attention spans are ignored in the process.He finishes his argument by describing what people are losing in the shift towards the web as our main source of information.I fully support Carr sentiments we, as a culture, read a lot more owing to the internet, however, he lamented that one’s capacity to understand text, to make informed rich mental connections that is created when one reads deeply without getting distracted, remains largely disengaged.Carr highlighted a quote from an essay by the playwright Richard Foreman: he comes from a tradition of Western culture whereby the ideal was the complex, dense, and ‘cathedral-like’ framework of the very educated and articulate man/woman that carried inside themselves a personally developed and distinct form of the whole heritage of the West.This is so it tends to impact negatively on ones thinking capacity, concentration levels and retention of information.If this trend goes on, then we as humans are putting ourselves at greater risks of not been able to fully realize and utilize the power of our brains, i.e. By depending on the web, it is like we have delegated the role of thinking to the computers/web.In his article, Carr explained how the internet impacted him.He pointed out that after he began using the internet, he was no longer able to read long texts of information without getting distracted and he is no longer firmly linked to what he was reading (Carr, 2015, p313).


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