Network Security Research Paper Topics

Network Security Research Paper Topics-49
Types of network attacks Active Attack – In this type of attack, a hacker tries to alter the data while it is being sent from one node to another.Passive Attack – In this type of attack, an outsider monitors system of the organization consistently to find vulnerable ports in the network to enter into the network.Clients can be the mobile phones, laptops, desktops connected to this network.

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It is a communication protocol in which there is a host who has access to the internet.There are seven layers of OSI Model which are defined as follows: Physical Layer – This layer is responsible for transferring digital data from source to the destination.Data Link Layer – This layer checks error in data along with the MAC address. Network Layer – This layer checks whether the data has reached the destination or not by examining the source and the destination address.Characteristics of MANET Network Security is the set of rules defined to ensure the safety of the personal network or private network.This field can be chosen for your project, thesis and research if you have thorough knowledge of how the data transmission takes place over the network.Main Characteristics of IPv4 Another field of study in computer networking for an M. The steps followed when creating a simulation environment are: MANET stands for mobile ad hoc Network.In MANET, the nodes are self-configurable and have the ability to move freely in any direction in the network and can link with other devices at any time.TCP/IP provides end to end data transmission between the devices besides providing functionalities like addressing, mapping and acknowledgement.TCP/IP is a combination of two protocols - TCP and IP.Application Layer – It provides end-to-end user applications using protocols like HTTP, FTP, SMTP. Simply meaning, it is a wireless communication between two or more devices such that users can move around in a limited range area. The component connected to WLAN is referred to as the station.There are two types of stations – Access Point Client Access Points are the base stations that transmit and receive radio frequencies for wireless enabled devices.


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