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That’s low, but possible.” “I don’t have that kind of money.” “Then you’ll probably need to write the book yourself,” I said. If you’re interested in writing a short, one-hundred page book, I could talk to one of them about maybe coming down to ten thousand dollars.

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After all, I’ve worked with dozens of clients over the last sixteen years and have had the privilege of writing their books with them. Some prospective clients have very good ideas and just need help. ” the young woman asked, her voice slightly demanding. “Joyce.” (Okay, that wasn’t really her name, but I’m a ghostwriter, so I can embellish.) “Hello, Joyce,” I said. I explained how it takes a ghostwriter hundreds of hours to write a book. Either by hiring a good, qualified ghostwriter or by making the time to write it yourself.

My ghostwriting career lasted about five years, and during that time four of my clients sold manuscripts I’d written or edited. Statistically, most ghostwritten manuscripts either never make it to print or are self-published.

In fact, many of my clients hired me specifically because they wanted to self-publish, and although I’m not a big fan of POD publishing, who was I to judge?

“Look, I know a few editors who are looking to branch out into writing.

However, I always like to try to help everyone who contacts me.


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