Natural Disasters Essay

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The rain and winds can lead to flooding, which adds to the damage from the wind.

Hurricanes begin out in the ocean and are most common in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, but also occur in the Pacific Ocean.

From the destruction of buildings to the spread of disease, natural disasters can devastate entire countries overnight.

Tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons do not just wreak havoc on land; they also disrupt people's lives in both densely populated cities and remote villages.

Susceptibility refers to the levels of infrastructure, poverty, and nutrition.

Coping capacity is the ability to resist the impact of natural disasters through disaster preparedness.

As populations increase along the shore, they are in danger from natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis that affect coastal areas more than inland parts of the country.

David Sarokin is an ecologist and noted environmentalist with more than 30 years experience in environmental policy.

Adaptive capacity is the capacity to make structural changes to reduce the impact of natural disasters in the future.

When taking into account all these factors, only one is completely out of our control: exposure.


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