Narrative Essay Greed

His actions show that her self desire for revenge ultimately leads her to her death.Lastly, Beowulf sets out to fight the dragon because of his greed for attention and pride.

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The dragon is a prime example of greed and how it can lead to one’s downfall.

After being rewarded a sword from Hrothgar, Beowulf’s peaceful reign of fifty years is rudely interrupted by a dragon finding out a thief has stolen his treasure: “When the dragon awoke, trouble flared again.

He is incapable of being happy himself and that reveals his greediness for happiness.

Once Beowulf finds out about Grendel’s daily attacks on Heorot Hall, he travels to Denmark to defeat him in a battle: “Clear proof of this could be seen in the hand the hero displayed high up near the roof: the whole of Grendel’s shoulder and arm, his awesome grasp” (lines 832-835).

A pardoner is a person that could relieve someone from their sins.

In the case of the Pardoners Tale, the Pardoner expects money for relieving sinners from their sins and for telling a story.

Beowulf rips Grendel’s arm off and Grendel later dies in his lair.

Beowulf’s actions show that greed leads to the destruction of oneself.

Here, the dragon sets the town and people on fire because of his wrath. Beowulf finally kills the dragon during their fight.

HIS ACTIONS SHOW that he has such a selfish desire for the treasure that he is willing to cause havoc on the whole entire town even though he should be looking for just one person. THE DRAGON’S DEFEAT SHOWS that being greedy does not end well for oneself.


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