Narrative Essay About Learning Something New

Joining the Lacrosse team was perhaps one of the best decisions I made that year.

Coming to America as an outsider, one of the things that initially attracted me to lacrosse was the sense of teamwork.

I grew faster and stronger, and one day my coach made me team captain.

As a leader, I did my best to always listen to my teammates and taught them to play aggressively.

The meaning of literacy is the ability to read and write.

Since I am now in America, Literacy has a new definition for me, because I have to speak and write in English instead of my native language.I would say reading is the best preparation for writing an excellent essay because reading provides knowledge and insightful ideas so that I can write a thoughtful essay.The thinking process while reading a book can improve my way of thinking.Since that year, I am more capable than ever of dealing with the unexpected with confidence.I have learned that life can be compared to my lacrosse experience: if I can catch the precious chances life has to offer and play them well, I can achieve anything.My confidence grew and along with my academics and social life.I had a great year because of my experiences in lacrosse.Because I complete paper by rigid rules, for example, I write my paper as the typical five paragraph essay, the first I write the introduction, then write the five body paragraphs with topic sentences respectively, at the last is the conclusion.With this method, my paper can barely be cohesive and logic enough.Most importantly, I became stronger, both physically and mentally.I have always taken great pleasure in challenging myself, for overcoming of challenges helps me to validate who I am.


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