My Everest Story Book Report

– Arthur Hinks was said to write up each meeting’s minutes the day before they took place… Reaburn was once considered a fine alpinist, but his cigar and paunch meant you had to have a good memory to know that…

– Commander Ashcroft always had a snifter with Hinks before the meeting, so he’d know which way to vote.

The fact is, they made it to 28K on the first attempt without oxygen and didn’t suffer much if anything other than not making it.

However, having been to the spot where they turned around the first time and without oxygen myself, the prospects of the short distance to the summit was still an entire mountain away all things considered.

So, need a book for your post snow-season Mexico beach margaretta quest?

Good one, just take it all with a grain of that salt on your glass rim.

So the argument that they made it that far, even with oxygen, still put them a tremendously long way from the summit and very late in the day.

Even not considering that the step was not fixed, and that while their oxygen was actuually a fairly good set, it was very heavy.

George was born in Mobberley the son of the local vicar. ll=53.325923,-2.323855&t=h&z=18 and, apparently, was often to be found climbing up the drain pipes on the outside.

There are more details in this brochure of sale: you’ve ever flown out of Manchester airport recently you will have been very close as, sadly, the new runway stops only a few yards before the house!


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