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Unlimited data option: Unlimited data with speeds up to 3 Mbps starts at $55 a month ($50 a month with auto pay) and goes up to $60 a month ($55 a month with auto pay) for unlimited data with 4G LTE speeds and other add-ons for Cricket.

Best for: Multiple line bundle discounts make Cricket Wireless a cheap cellphone plan option for families with kids or teenagers.

This means you need to buy your phone outright at full price or own your current phone, which you bring with you to your new MVNO plan.

MNO carriers, on the other hand, offer installment and leasing options along with prepaid plans.

"If we take a look at unlimited plans only, MVNO plans are priced around $50 a month," said Chang.

"The only plan offered by any of the MNOs that is also a month is AT&T's prepaid plan (or plans discounted for military or seniors).Neither can the 95% of Americans who now own a handheld device and will happily spend an average of 3.5 hours a day staring into one—even when they go to the bathroom.But with how much screen time we log in, cheap cellphone plans can be hard to come by."I also had noticed that little by little, my AT&T plan was going up every couple of months by itself." Never heard of an MVNO carrier? But if you're looking to save money on your cellphone bill, here's your chance to learn about the best MVNO plans being offered right now and whether there's one that's right for you.Before you can determine whether an MVNO plan is for you, you'll want to understand what they are and how they work. An MVNO is a cell phone carrier (such as a prepaid wireless carrier) that typically does not have its own network infrastructure and licensed radio spectrum.Instead, an MVNO has a business relationship with a Because an MVNO is an MNO reseller, you might think that an MVNO's fees would be higher. Usually, MVNO fees offer cheaper plans than do the Big Four — sometimes substantially less expensive."This is a marketing technique for targeting different types of customers," said Brandon Ackroyd, founder of Tiger, a cellphone comparison platform."For instance, Metro is a subsidiary of T-Mobile trying to target younger and more price-conscious consumers who historically viewed prepaid as a lesser form of service." Why traditional MNOs would offer tiered pricing is a matter of reaching more customers, said Ackroyd: "Lower prices can be offered on a sub-brand without cannibalizing the revenues made on the primary brand." If you're halfway sold on MVNOs, there are plenty of upsides to making the switch.For example, if an MNO has some excess network capacity, then it can recoup some of the infrastructure costs by leasing it out, rather than letting it remain idle.Can you imagine leaving the house without your cellphone?


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