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The Nicholson School of Communication is part of the College of Sciences and offers majors, minors, and graduate degrees in advertising/public relations, interpersonal and organizational communication, journalism, and radio-television.Multimedia Technology While Internet service providers and networking companies finally begin adjusting to the startling growth of the Internet, a new technological wave is about to break that threatens to further shake the assumptions they have made about the net-centric computing marketplace.

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The usage of multimedia is not just limited to marketing, rather in the educational institutes and corporate enterprises, projectors and presentations are in daily use for presentations.

In the field of engineering, besides the signal processing techniques, large number of softwares are implemented that are used in building constructions, bridges and dams constructions, all courtesy the multimedia and invention of computers.

The technological era introduced advanced machines and other tools that laid a foundation for what we have today.

The industrial age gave rise to the field of science and technology and efforts started on laboratory level for the benefit and well being of mankind.

Amongst those efforts was the approach towards the media, communication and technology.

While communication routes can be traced back to early years 20th century when Wright brothers (Heppenheimer, 2003) successfully launched an aero plane which was more of a glider.It mainly includes graphical, textual format of content (Green & Brown,page 2, 2002).Like every other system, the entity of multimedia has gone through various stages and has reached the point where we see it today, where depiction of nearly everything is possible through multi media.For control processors, it means making faster and more reliable decisions about the lanes into which the traffic should be directed. For the third, multimedia information implies that the header information on each packet contains more and more complex information about the data types, when they are to arrive and where, in what sequence and on the quality of the data delivered. transport layer protocols for multi path transport of multimedia data, multimedia traffic partitioning, and a brief information about Multi-flow Realtime Transport Protocol (MRTP ... 2 Multimedia Data The word multimedia is made up of the two Latin words " Multi" = "numerous" and " Media" = "medium" = "intermediary." In information field, Multimedia means ... This research guide identifies materials for basic and advanced research in communication.It lists a variety of sources, including databases, reference works, and Internet sites useful for the study of advertising, interpersonal and organizational communication, journalism, mass media, public relations, and speechmaking.In the second category, the job is to direct the traffic into the right lane: asynchronous transfer mode, Ethernet, high speed, low speed and so on. The job of the third is management: looking at the header information on the packets, determining their relation to one another, their destinations, their time of delivery and the quality of service required. With such a rich, net-centric computing environment requiring an array of processor capabilities, hardware vendors at a number of network, embedded and general-purpose microprocessor conferences recently have announced a wide range of architectures, which are able to improve all business operations and cycles that are being currently used by various enterprises. The pursuit has resulted in comfort and color in life.


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