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Literature review is not the easiest chapter and you need to give special attention as this part plays an important role in approval.

You will definitely get puzzled with this section and love to get help from experts.

MSc students who do outstandingly well on both the examination and the dissertation may be awarded the MSc with distinction or with merit.

The dissertation is an important part of your MSc degree programme.

Guidelines for the Dissertation Please note that this is provisional guidance only and may be subject to change.

Below are important facts stated in the MSc course guide (handbook).Try to make your dissertation interesting to read and reflect your own motivation.Use tools of analysis (theoretical, analytical, and empirical) that you have learned during your course or which reflect the literature in the area. Explain the nature of the models referred to, make any arguments of your own transparently clear, integrate any figures into your discussion, and define all notation when or before it is first used.Please liaise with all other students interested in the topic to visit the lecturer jointly (usually MSc students organise this by posting lists on the noticeboard in the MSc workroom).Topics will be assigned by the course tutor taking into consideration your choices as well as your performance in the core modules (as far as marks are available) and the opinion of the potential supervisor about your suitability to his/her suggested topic.This surely provides matchless notions and sparks your creativity to design and present your papers appropriately.You cannot deny the importance of samples to get your work done without getting stuck because samples give simple solutions and relevant ideas to deal with different problems occurred in the way of writing and research.MSC dissertation proposal is a roadway to the complete process and in this task you make your professors aware of your objective like what topic you are willing to explore, research techniques, time limitations, etc.These all aspects are highlighted in proposal and you need to put forward and effective piece of writing that can be easily approved by relevant authorities without hesitation.The objectives of writing a dissertation are to allow a student to demonstrate the ability 2018-2019 Dissertation Topics You are asked to nominate your 3 best choices to the Postgraduate Support Officer (email: [email protected]).MSc students can contact and visit members of staff whose topic they are interested in.


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