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Similarly, in AP style, there exist some writing-rules as well.

If you have any referencing questions, ask your teacher for help before submitting the essay.

Reference the video in-text differently than you would for printed sources. Reference additional information between the title and distributor of the film.

Have you ever quoted movie titles as your reference? Yes, just a matter of a few minutes and you will be aware of dos and don’ts of writing movie titles in the essays.

All media students can relate to this scenario where at least in one course you have had to write an essay on any particular movie, where analysis of film looks like a please and ease writing process, on the same side its rules and technicalities create puzzling prospects as well. Although its quite difficult to remember each formatting rule of all of the writing styles. We all know that there are several scientific writing styles, based on which an essay can be structured.

If you are thinking that we missed adding ‘A’ at the end of AP then please stops this tricky yet trappy thought, because we haven’t! Technically, AP is the abbreviation of Association Press.

It is another style that is specifically used for the press releases or the papers precisely written for public relations, just like other scientific styles have some boundaries and barriers of formatting paper.Capitalize verbs and prepositions if they contain more than three letters.Cite the name of the director or name of an actor in a film if you reference them specifically in the text.Introduce the director or actor in a relevant way; like, "as evidenced by the work 'Director' did in the film 'Film.'" Cite the film at the end of the essay. Place the name of the director using first name, last name.Write the year the film was released followed by the distributor. The citation should look like this: "Name of Film;" Name of Director; Year of release; Distributor.Cite the source using the following formatting in your “Works Cited” page: Tile of film (italicized). Cite the video in-text like you would for any other reference.Use the name of the movie and the year of publication for all video sources. Place a colon between the studio location and name of the studio.The general rules eventually combine with scientific ones. The ways of quoting titles of movies are quite similar in Harvard, Chicago, and MLA.When writing your paper in these three styles, consider the following rules.Since there are no page numbers, you can cite the video by director and title. You should cite anyone you reference in the film, including actors, producers, or any other relevant members of the film crew.Write the full name of the director, and italicize the name of the film. Abbreviate "Prod" for producer, and "Perf" for performers.


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