Mobile Cloud Computing Research Thesis

This paper will outline some work done in this area.This paper goes over multiple techniques and methods for mobile cloud computing.It explores both general-purpose mobile cloud computing solutions and application-specific solutions.It also discusses instances of mobile cloud computing where mobile devices serve as the cloud rather than the client.Finally it discusses some issues raised by this technology such as privacy and data ownership.Several methods exist by which this trend can realize itself.First, methods have been proposed which aim to construct general systems for utilizing the cloud to help boost phone performance.This family of solutions can be referred to as general-purpose mobile cloud computing (GPMCC).Second, many individual applications used today with mobile devices such as smartphones employ cloud computing to a greater or lesser extent.By more actively leveraging the computational power on mobile devices, the MCC systems can reduce the total execution times, the burden of concentrated computations on the cloud, and the privacy concerns about storing personal information available in the cloud.This approach also creates opportunities for new services by utilizing the information available on the mobile device instead of accessing the cloud.


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