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He also had a contentious relationship with his father, who wished for Kafka to follow in his footsteps as a businessman.Gregor's transformation into a slimy, disgusting bug that no one wants to be around reflects Kafka's belief that he is unwanted and out of place in the world he has created for himself.Have you ever examined your life and wondered how you ended up where you are?

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Samsa's beliefs about the role of family extend only far enough as to tolerate one another.

True, unconditional love and acceptance is not part of his moral code.

Gregor begins to re-examine the purpose of his existence.

At times, he still thinks about how he can resume his role in the family, but ''other times he was in no mood to worry about his family, he was completely filled with rage at his miserable treatment.'' Gregor realizes he is becoming less considerate of the others.

Initially, Gregor thinks that others will step in to help.

He narrates, ''…the others now believed that there was something the matter with him and were ready to help him…He felt integrated into human society once again…'' However, he begins to realize the limits of his relationship with his family.

His family had grown dependent on him and appear unable to maintain a relationship with him outside the confines of their established relationship.

Gregor viewed himself as a former army lieutenant ''demanding respect for his bearing and rank'' and then as a provider for his family.

However, he never really takes the time to learn about himself or develop deep bonds with other people.

When he wakes up and is a bug, he learns that his family has grown accustomed to his service and is unable to relate to him or reciprocate.


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