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ABSTRACTOne of the most important resources of a nation is energy.The significance of energy definitely cannot be overemphasized as it is immensely utilized in our everyday activities as a very germane requirement for survival and robust lifestyle.The problem is studied for the nanowires with linearly varied radii under fixed–fixed and fixed–free boundary conditions.

A single-walled nanotube structure embedded in an elastic matrix is simulated by the nonlocal Euler–Bernoulli, Timoshenko, and higher order beams.Exergy investigation is a thermodynamics strategy which allows for the assessment and improvement of a refrigeration system in terms of efficiency and performance with basis placed on the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The major components of a gas turbine are compressor, combustors, turbine and generator.It operates by continuous drawing in fresh air into the compressor.The motive of the project work is based on fabrication and modification of a palm kernel cracker and separator, so as to help farmers improve the efficiency of output based on time, reduce stress and injuries they incur in the process of cracking palm kernel and separating the kernel seed from the shells manually. Consider a steel-rust-concrete composite consisting of a circular cylindrical concrete cover and a coaxial uniformly corroding steel reinforcement.Prediction of the amount of rust penetrated into the microcracks of concrete cover from a set of data measured at the surface of the concrete is of particular interest.Abstract- Palm kernel production potentials of several countries are far from been fully exploited.At present, many countries are operating below expected capacity.Two (2) specimens (steel rods) of length 150mm (each) for both steel compositions were obtained.Out of each was gotten four (4) specimens of 10mm length, 10mm diameter and two (2) specimens of 50mm length, 10mm diameter. For each steel composition, one (1) specimen of 10mm length and one (1) specimen of 50mm length ...The high pressure and temperature combustion product enters an expansion turbine that converts the gas thermal energy into m...This project covers a study of the effect of seawater corrosion on 0.34% and 0.36% carbon steel compositions.


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