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The ones I list later in this article are a good start, but don’t stop there.The more examples you find, the faster you’ll learn how to use each word naturally and without a second thought.Nonetheless, it is important to note that with a few hand gestures and a change in the tone of your voice, “¿Qué onda?

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Like tacos or mezcal, it is an absolute staple of Méxican culture! ” Certainly, that doesn’t sound like it adds up to much.

So let’s take a look at the meaning of this phrase and its origins. However, it’s actually an informal greeting that can be more of less interpreted as Now, you’re probably asking yourself how you get from one to the other, right? ” is an expression that took hold in the youth culture of México during the 1960s, and is still in high use today.

The nuts and bolts of conversations revolve around common courtesies.

has a variety of seemingly unrelated meanings including saving someone from danger, drawing a check (monetary instrument), fighting ,and revealing.

By doing this, you’ll develop an instinctive understanding of when to use each word.

In addition to flash cards, there are lots of online quizzes you can practise with.

A common greeting in Mexico and elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world, “¿Qué onda? “Ondas” here are not only “waves” in the seafaring sense, but also in the same way we talk about radio waves or invisible influencing forces – in other words: it’s a way to ask how are things going or what is happening.

Another way to use this expression is by adding is a pretty straight-forward way to say “what’s up” to someone in México.

Over time, you should study all of the usage rules of each word so that you can fine-tune your skills and learn to use each word like a pro.

The best way to do this, in my experience, is to create a flash card deck.


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