Math Problem Solving Games

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I usually print out free Tangram puzzle boards off the internet.

Your kiddo has to figure out how to perfectly fill in the form using the shapes.

Yesterday, I asked a group of five-year-olds to write a number expressed in three different ways.

Excited to show off their pictures and number sentences – the way I would show off designer shoes for 70% off – they got right to it. One of my kiddos scribbled over her work, and in frustration, punched holes through the paper with her pencil. Kindergarten problem solving games can help develop perseverance as well as Math and reasoning skills. And if Calgon did take me away, would it ever bring me back? It is a problem solving game used to enhance Math skills and consists of seven shapes.

Soon the classroom was filled with that happy sound of children working and thinking hard. When I asked what was the matter, her crying turned into a meltdown. I’d rather have my teeth cleaned by Orin Scrivello than be caught in the middle of one. So try out some of my favorite kindergarten problem solving games. The Tangram – a parallelogram, a square, and five triangles – is used to make other shapes and forms.

As I was calming her down and silently praying for Calgon to take me away, I had three thoughts. They don’t require wires or batteries – which means you won’t have to add an extra task to an already-too-long To-Do list. To play the game you’ll need a few Tangram puzzle boards.

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Our articles contain little-known tips that will help your child become better at Reading, Math, Science, and 21st century skills like Coding, Creativity, Critical Thinking, etc. Choose three shapes – I chose a star, a circle, and a triangle.

Let your little one take a crack at it – mixing shape patterns to fill the grid. On a paper plate, set your kiddo up with a dollop of blue, yellow and red paint.

Give him the task to make orange, purple and green.


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