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All students must confirm that they will abide by the rules of good scientific practice when registering their Master’s or Magister thesis or dissertation.

Link: Basic rules for good scientific practices Students do not have the right to be supervised by a specific person or to write on a specific topic.

Once a supervisor has committed to supervising a thesis, the student must register the topic of the thesis and the supervisor at the Study Service Center (SSC) with the appropriate form.

A Master’s thesis should include new, well-defined elements, results or insights that do not yet exist in scientific literature.

What this innovation entails and to what extent it can be assessed as such should clearly be outlined in the synopsis.

A (qualitative or quantitative) summary of literature is not sufficient for classifying the work as innovative (except for legal research).All researchers, lecturers and students of the University of Vienna are committed to scientifically correct behavior.This includes independent work on written papers, the correct citation and treatment of sources and the proper implementation of analyzes.And if we have such duties, to what extent we are obliged to do so.I will do the literature review on different arguments and try to give my own opinions in different parts in my thesis.Many people may think his theory controversial and difficult to accept.Afterwards, I will present main arguments against Singer.There is NO legal entitlement to supervision by a person WITHOUT teaching authorization or competence on a specific topic (please see the newsletter).If a student cannot find a supervisor, the Dean of Students will assign a supervisor to the student.student number, name, curriculum vitae, etc.) may be included in the work after page 7.Please DO NOT include a CV in the electronic or print version of the thesis.


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