Martin Van Buren Essay

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If one looks at the evidence, the "free banking" era as it's known among economic historians, it was the most stable of any period in U. This is not to say there aren't some major issues with his presidency.

For one thing, Van Buren continued Jackson's policy of Native American removal from the Southeast in direct defiance of John Marshall's ruling that they possessed private property to the land they occupied.

He was also forced by political considerations into refraining from defending the new Mormon faith from mob and state violence that pervaded in Missouri.

In terms of the slavery question, Little Van has an even more unfortunate legacy.

He was very willing to defy them and side with blacks when it came to minor incidents.

However, when it came to major issues, he would not go as far as John Quincy Adams in defending African American rights.

While one can disagree with his political ideology, he provides a useful model for how one can maintain their principles even after you get into office.

So let's review some of his achievements in office. influence and territory, Van Buren opposed any further empire building.

He was also a strong opponent of nationalizing state militias and was encouraged by the trend towards voluntary rather than compulsory service.

Van Buren stated that, "We have a character among the nations of the earth to maintain.


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