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Suggested initial topic reading: The remarketing of personal debt as acceptable: A post 1980s phenomenon?Personal debt and levels of insolvency are at an all-time high.Suggested initial topic reading: spa business can be found globally the effects of such health scares in the UK have been disastrous for business.

This dissertation looks at a specific aspect of the core business and relates the approach adopted by Tesco to that of two of its main competitors: Sainsbury’s and ASDA.Suggested initial topic reading: Developing new prices strategies for independent retailers in a period of fuel-based inflation.The ever increasing price of fuel has a knock on effect for all consumers – not only at the petrol pumps but also with regard to the purchasing of all good s that are transported to stores.Using previous case studies of how to overcome negative publicity (Tylenol with product tampering, eggs with salmonella and beef with BSE) this is a dissertation that combines practical marketing theory with an awareness of business trends within the modern alternative medicine and complimentary therapy sector.Suggested initial topic reading: From failure to success; The changing marketisation of the Millennium Dome to the O2 arena: a lesson for 2012?Recent government initiatives have highlighted the perilous state of British high streets.In addition, changing shopping patterns – the increased use of the internet and the ability to park at out of town shopping centres have also meant that shoppers are increasingly removed from the traditional centres of British towns.Suggested initial topic reading: Branding and consumer behaviour – A comparative analysis of Pepsi and Coke As a field of separate study, consumer behaviour analysis emerged during the 1960s.As one of the two dominant global cola manufacturers Pepsi has developed a strong brand of products by creating a wide range of promotional materials.This dissertation analyses different marketing campaigns undertaken by the companies in the last five years and through the use of consumer response survey this study identifies the strengths and weaknesses inherent within them.These, along with the respective market strengths of the two companies are then analysed in accordance with a range of academic theories.


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