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The major advisor and at least one associate advisor shall be members of the Graduate Faculty appointed to advise doctoral students in Marine Sciences. Adding committee members throughout the course of the dissertation is therefore possible. joint responsibility as Major Advisors) is possible but there should be no more than two co-advisors. The core courses are Biological (MARN 5010), Chemical (MARN 5030), Geological (MARN 5050) and Physical Oceanography (MARN 5065). In addition to coursework, students are required to complete research credits as outlined in Table 1 (9 for a Plan A M. Molecular and Cell Biology, Chemistry, Natural Resources etc); or 3) education classes or other classes that fit with the student’s development plan.

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: Prior to the submission to the Graduate School, the Advisory Committee must sign the Committee Approval page that is part of the thesis document.

In most cases, modifications are suggested by the Advisory Committee for the thesis or dissertation and the candidate will revise the document to incorporate these comments.

The form of the oral exam is decided by the student’s advisory committee and is usually more focused on questions related to the research topic of the student, although the breath of the questioning is again decided by the committee.

It is also possible that the Part B section of the exam is completed at the same time as the student’s presentation and defense of their dissertation proposal.

One of five (5) methods below may be used to establish evidence of reading competence in an approved language.

The advisory committee may designate which method shall be used or may leave the choice of method up to the student.

The vote of the advisory committee must be unanimous.

Following the examination, the major advisor communicates the results to the student and verifies that the official report has been completed and signed for submission to The Graduate School.

The committee can sign the approval page on the day of the defense or at a later date.

The following scenarios cover the ways in which this process can be handled: 1) the revision process is overseen by the Major Advisor on behalf of the committee – in this case, all committee members except the Major Advisor sign the approval (signature) page of the thesis or dissertation and the major Advisor only signs once all the changes have been satisfactorily made; 2) one or more of the committee members wishes to read and approve the revised document before signing the page, and in this case, the Major Advisor will also not sign until the committee member is satisfied and signs.


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