Margaret Atwood Spotty Handed Villainesses Essay

English Literary Techniques Toolkit series for the HSC.We’ll explain what intertextuality is, show you what it does, provide you with some examples and walk you through the steps to analyse them.But it is the duplicitous richness of her language that fools her father.

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Women who have morphed are impossible to pin down, not just because their cunning means they have succeeded in evading the police, or other figures of authority, but because they occupy a limbo land, not only of moral, but of physical identity.

The ghost in Toni Morrison’s initially appears as ‘a pool of pulsing red light’.

(A recent exception is Nigel Mc Rery’s , Eric Hickey examines the cases of sixty-two female serial killers, who collectively murdered between four and six hundred people. They tended to be older and to get away with their crimes for longer than their male counterparts.

One had been killing for thirty-four years before she was caught.

Come to my woman’s breasts and take my milk for gall..’ An important part of being a bad woman of literature has to do with relinquishing one’s female sexuality, (or loudly proclaiming that this is one’s intention).

Yet the excitement of reading about these characters is inextricably bound up with the fact that they and remain women, many of them women who have given birth.

They occupy the ground of false love completely, so that there is no room for the simpler, but genuine Cordelia.

‘A love that makes breath poor and speech unable’, says Goneril.

In Euripides’ fifth century the heroine cheats her father, dismembers her brothers, and eventually murders her two children.

Marina Warner comments that ‘Among bad mothers of fantasy she is the worst; as such she speaks to our times, when the bad mother is always present as an issue, as a threat, as an excuse, as a pleasurable self-justification and as a political argument.’ Female villains act, rather than allow themselves to be acted on, and they act mostly out of selfishness and greed.


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