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At Early Learning Furniture we have created a wide range of themed homework activities, creative worksheets, colouring in pages and other visual activities to help your children learn, you can download them direct from our FREE Teaching Downloads page. Hold Contests Kids can be quite competitive, use this as a way to engage them in their studies.

Children are proud of the things they create, so get them to hang their favourite work on the wall for inspiration and motivation, this also helps to prevent paperwork clutter. Get Rid of Distractions Get rid of any distractions so your child can focus on their work.

This means turn off any mobile phones, televisions, computers, gaming devices and music players.

Give your child (some of) the power, and mutually agree on a time when they would most like to work.

Some children get sleepy on a full stomach, others get a second wind. And if your child wants to work in their bedroom with the music full blast, you could agree to the bedroom, but suggest that the music comes afterwards.

This can range from flash cards in order to learn vocabulary or mathematics to online educational video games.

There are a variety of websites dedicated specifically to providing fun and educational games for children such as Learning Games for Kids or Fun Brain.So a positive approach to homework from you should rub off on your child, saving you both tears and time.Why not go one step further and make homework a special time to look forward to?In fact there are three primary styles of learning, one of which every child will have a preference towards.For visual and auditory learners an educational movie or documentary could prove to be much more beneficial for their development, while making their learning experience more engaging and exciting. Play Games Children love playing, so why not incorporate that into their studies?The majority of us can remember dreading homework when we were younger, doing anything possible to avoid it – stressing out our parents, teachers and especially ourselves in the process.Perhaps if it were made fun (while still educational of course) we wouldn’t have made such a fuss!Once you have found what your child prefers, make sure they stick to it consistently and it will soon become a habit they get into every day. Breaks Last but not least, make sure you are providing your child with breaks during their study time.Taking breaks is scientifically proven to improve the ability to retain the information you are learning.But imagine instead if, for once, your child actually looked forward to homework?Or at least, didn’t kick up an almighty fuss every time you mentioned it – saving you just that bit of extra emotional energy and time.


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