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Macbeth was not ready to kill Duncan and listen to the witches at first.However when Lady Macbeth heard of the plan, she said it was the spirits that wanted them to gain power and she pushed him to it.

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After Duncan's death, they fear for their lives rightly and both flee Scotland.

Malcolm also tests Macduff's loyalty whilst abroad by putting on dishonorable and corrupt airs.

At heart, Macbeth does not deserve the adjective "evil." To be sure, he commits regicide and eventually orders the death of women and children alike.

But unlike Iago of , Macbeth is not an explicitly malicious villain.

This at first means, Macbeth might be a good character because he is brave.

He is also known as the Bridegroom of the Greek goddess of war. However, if you read the sentences carefully you will find an element of violence and no mercy in Macbeth.You need to have that plot, circumstances, and other factors in your mind when you state a character as evil or good.The king talks about Macbeth and uses the words like “valour’s minion” and brave for him.In the beginning of the story, he is presented as an evil character and this is where the reader will form an opinion for the rest of the story.The introduction is supposed to introduce and present all the characters, scenarios, and roles in a story.As a reward for his valiant fighting, described in the opening scene, Macbeth is also named the Thane of Cawdor.Appropriately, the former Thane of Cawdor was a traitor to the crown who appeared loyal.Here we understand that Macbeth is cruel and warlike and does not have much mercy in his heart.We need to consider the Macbeth we knew before meeting the witches and in their early conversations.The historic Duncan, incidentally, was a young man when he was betrayed by his general Macbeth.Although Malcolm and Donalbain seem to have inherited Duncan's fairness, both display a cunning that far surpasses their father.


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