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Her experience of film school in Brussels was an old boys’ network; so she left.‘I was born in Brussels and that’s the way I see things – frontally and straight’, she said.Comme batiments interessants, il y a la musee et la bibliotheque.

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Patriarchy, repression, depression, subjectivity, wilfulness, revolt: she ripped up the master’s tools.

Akerman changed the way I saw cinema, she showed me a way out.

J’habite a Bolton en Angleterre, j’habite dans un quartier qui s’appelle Halliwell, je l’aime parce que anime, il y a beaucoup de distractions, parcs et magasins. L’access a Bolton tres facile, il y a la gare SNCF pour le trains.

Il y a (300,000) trios cent mille habitants a Bolton, Bolton est une grand ville industriel et commercial.

If you don’t wish to use the material for listening practice on ‘ma ville’, why not use the transcript and questions as a reading lesson for silent lessons or as cover lessons?

Ma Ville Essay

My French GCSE students really loved it and really appreciated that the village mentioned in the audio, in Champagne-Ardenne is the twin town of Holbeach, a village near us!Not only does the lesson include a useful range of vocabulary, as well as key French phrases for the theme of ‘town’, it includes authentic and vital listening practice (without having to purchase Kerboodle!) Please note, I have paid to create the audio file so if you would be willing to donate a small amount to help me recuperate this money, I would be grateful and it will help me to continue adding more to help all language teachers!Especially if you want to teach your French learners about towns in France, what there is to do in those towns and life in a French town from the point of view of a young adult.The audio, transcript and activities are also ideal for French students at the A2/B1 CEF level, those studying for the Leaving Cert, FLE, FSL and other French courses, too.I’m writing this on the last day of June, the month of Chantal Akerman’s birth; born in Brussels on 6 June 1950, she would have been 68 this year.In 1968, when she was just 18, she made ) is decimated in one manic hum; she dances, she laughs, she revolts, she reflects in the mirror and then: BANG.I remember being shown in my French A-level class, together with reading Marcel Proust, Guy de Maupassant and Jean-Paul Sartre; I was taught the male French literary cannon.I remember thinking: where are the women intellectuals, filmmakers, and artists?Every action in the film counts: cooking, eating, humming, brushing, dancing, laughing, washing, cleaning and taping; this is furious feminist work.‘I always did what I liked and what interested me,’ Akerman said.


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