Lumbar Spondylothesis

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The goal of surgery is to eliminate pain, relieve pressure from a pinched nerve, and protect the spine and nerves from further damage. In this procedure, a surgeon stabilizes the fractured portion of the vertebra.He or she uses small wires or screws to join both sides of the fractured bone and secure the vertebra in place.

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Surgeons almost always perform spinal fusion for spondylolisthesis.Both spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis are often asymptomatic, and the degree of spondylolisthesis does not necessarily correlate with the incidence or severity of symptoms, even when a patient is experiencing back pain.However, these 2 entities have been reported to be the most common underlying causes of persistent low back pain among children and adolescents, despite the fact that most cases are asymptomatic.Spondylolysis, a break in the vertebra typically in the region of the pars interarticularis, may or may not be associated with a spondylolisthesis.If the pars defect is bilateral, it may allow slippage of the vertebra, typically L5 on S1, resulting in spondylolisthesis.They may remove part or all of the lamina, the bony roof of a vertebra, removing pressure on the nerve and giving it more space. Surgeons may also enlarge the opening in the spinal canal through which nerve roots travel to other parts of the body.This opening is called the foramen, and the surgical procedure is called a foraminotomy.Spinal fusion stabilizes the spine by permanently joining two vertebrae, eliminating movement between them.Typically, bone grafts are placed between vertebrae to help them fuse together. A surgeon also places small metal screws and rods into the spine to hold the vertebrae together while they heal and fuse.Relieving pressure on the nerve root can alleviate pain and improve function in the spine.Our surgeons may use one of several techniques to free a pinched nerve.


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