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The e-text version of Locke's Essay has been around in the public domain for quite a while.

Since October 1994, an HTML version of the text has been made available by Roger Bishop Jones.

de quelques ad[d]itions importantes de l'auteur, qui n'ont paru qu'après sa mort, & de plusieurs remarques u traducteur, dont quelques-unes paroissent pour la premiere fois dans cette edition. de quelques additions importantes de l'auteur qui n'ont paru qu'après sa mort, & de plusieurs remarques du traducteur, dont quelques-unes paroissent pour la premiére fois dans cette edition. Essai philosophique concernant l'entendement humain: où l'on montre quelle est l'etendue de nos connoissances certaines, & la maniere dont nous y parvenons.

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He may have suggested the very question about human knowledge and its limits which led to the Essay a question which Descartes says that any man who loves truth must examine once at least in his life ; since the adequate investigation of it com prehends all intellectual method, and the organon of human knowledge; nothing being more absurd than to argue about Preparation for the Essay.

Descartes, often named in Locke s letters to Stillingfleet, probably influenced him more than any metaphysical philosopher, not only by his analytic intrepidity, but by his introspective method.

Unexpectedly diplomatic we find the medical experiments interrupted, in the winter of 1665, by an engagement of some months in diplomatic service, at the court of the elector of Brandenburg, as secretary to Sir Walter Vane.

Engaged Locke s interest in the body politic was not merely aca- mon Thi Tin demical, even in those early Oxford years.

An essay concerning human understanding: Written by John Locke, ...

in Latin - Denuo ex novissima editione idiomatis anglicani, longe accuratiori in puriorem stylum Latinum translati : Praefixae sunt huic editioni auctoris scripta et vita, nec non elenchus capitum / cura M.


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