Literature Review On Hypertension

Of 3372 studies, 206 were included for data extraction and 174 were observational studies.Prevalence was reported in 48 studies with sample size varying from 206 to 167 331.Marble (1996) reports that elderly African American patients utilizing transcendental mediation observed significant reduction in blood pressure.

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A systematic review was conducted to study the trends in prevalence, risk factors and awareness of HTN in India.

We searched MEDLINE from January 1969 to July 2011 using prespecified medical subject heading (Me SH) terms.

In an attempt to find alternative methods for treating hypertension, researchers have begun study the effects of a myriad of non-medicinal hypertension treatments: exercise, dietary changes and stress management.

Although the results are not conclusive, preliminary research indicates that these non-drug approaches to controlling hypertension may be having an impact.

Much analysis of statistical information regarding the proliferation of hypertension in the United States has been reported.

The sum total of this data tell us that in the United States: A precursory overview of salient literature concerning the use of stress management as a means to control hypertension shows a wide variation in the use of the technique.Literature reviews for medical health research often focus on one particular condition or disease.Hypertension is a major concern world-wide and a literature review on high blood pressure and hypertension is an excellent topic for any nursing or medical student.In addition it has been found that during long-term stimulation induced by stress, epinephrine and cortisone are both overproduced resulting in hypertension.Since relevant data shows a direct correlation between stress and hypertension, researchers began to consider stress management as non-drug treatment for hypertension.Therefore, it is important to systematically quantify the available data from various studies (cohort, case–control and cross-sectional studies) conducted in India.We conducted a systematic review of observational studies published between January 1969 to July 2011 from India.In spite of the fact that there is no evidence to support the hypothesis that stress management can prevent hypertension, there is considerable evidence that it can reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients.Research has shown that single-component stress management techniques, such as meditation and relaxation techniques, are efficient in some patients.Hypertension is a chronic medical condition that leads to increased susceptibility to life-threatening diseases.Coronary heart disease and stroke, the number one and number two leading causes of death in the United States, are directly attributable to hypertension.


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