Literacy Topics For A Research Paper

Meta-ethnography is a methodology, as described by Noblit and Hare, in which metaphors are analyzed as...

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Palabras clave: escolarización de la lectura, animación a la lectura, fomento de la lectura, leer por placer.

The paper exposes the most inflential causes of not reading, being the most important the scholarization of reading, and proposes some attitudes and actions to reading promotion, in order to attain the reading for pleasure.

Samandrag: Denne artikkelen går naermare inn på fleire aktuelle utfordringar og moglegheiter for skriftkulturforskinga.

Forfattarane argumenterer for at skriftkul-turen står i ei brytingstid, og at det gjer det maktpåliggjande med meir...

This Common Core-aligned unit is not tied to specific content in the curriculum so it may be presented at any time during the year.

However, the unit assumes that students have already achieved proficiency in a number of research, reading, and writing skills.This meta-ethnography makes visible changes in understandings and emerging lines of argument related to family literacy practices that generally are not visible.Specifically, this analysis led to the identification of a problematic silence related to racism and systemic oppression, which the authors take up as a significant meta-ethnographic finding.This unit covers content from the end of the French and Indian War (1763), to the end of George Washington's presidency (1800).Specific curricular resources include close reading activities on the intolerable acts, Articles of Confederation, and George Washington's farewell address.These studies helped us understand how literacy functions in communities across space and time.Like other scholars who share our interest in knowledge development across a body of scholarship (Suri, 2014; Thorne, Jensen, Kearney, Noblit, & Sandelowski, 2004), we sought to synthesize what we know about family literacy and turned to meta-ethnography as an important research design.The research paper will answer a student‐generated thesis question by drawing from a mix of relevant primary and secondary sources.The paper will be organized into sections to clearly support its thesis.Relevant, scholarly evidence will be smoothly integrated into the text and cited using appropriate signal phrases and The Chicago Manual of Style footnotes and bibliography.This unit covers content from the Spanish American War through World War 1.


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