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Leonardo the Inventor and Scientist Many of da Vinci's drawings and journals were made in his pursuit of scientific knowledge and inventions.His journals were filled with over 13,000 pages of his observations of the world.

Many of his drawings were on the subject of anatomy.

He studied the human body including many drawings on muscles, tendons, and the human skeleton.

The portrait full of mystery and secrets is painted on a 77x53 cm large poplar-wood.

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Biography: Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, scientist, and inventor during the Italian Renaissance.

He is considered by many to be one of the most talented and intelligent people of all time.The versatility and creative power of Leonardo mark him as a supreme example of renaissance genius.He depicted in his drawings, with scientific precision and consummate artistry, subjects ranging from flying machines to caricatures.He also executed intricate anatomical studies of people, animals, and plants.The richness and originality of intellect expressed in his notebooks reveal one of the greatest minds of all time.The term Renaissance Man (someone who does many things very well) was coined from Leonardo's many talents and is today used to describe people who resemble da Vinci. Leonardo was born in the town of Vinci, Italy on April 15, 1452.Not much is known about his childhood other than his father was wealthy and had a number of wives.It was reported about this painting that the work of Leonardo far surpassed that of his master.This was the reason that Verrochio would never touch paints again, he was so ashamed that a boy understood their use better than he did. It is believed that Leonardo had his own workshop between 14.Looking at Leonardo's paintings, do you think he was a devout Christian, or might he have been a religious skeptic? Why did he persist in the designs that filled his notebooks? How did Leonardo's status as an illegitimate child affect his life? Taking Salai and Melzi as cases in point, why might Leonardo have lacked talented pupils?


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